Sunday, December 08, 2013

Happy 10th To Us

Ten, Only. Sirf, Dus.
Ten Hugs, Nahin Bus.

Ten Years. One Life.
Ten I Do’s. To My Wife.

Ten Se Pehle. Blur.
Ten Ke Baad. Par.

Ten Parties, Ten Pains
Ten Sunshines, Ten Rains

Ten Ins, Ten Outs
Ten Cries, Ten Shouts

Ten Cities. Or May Be More It Is.
Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon on One Hand
Singapore, Oz, London, Rome, Barca, Dubai, Paris

Ten Glorious Years, Ten-derly Gone
Ten Thousand More, I Wait for the Dawn

Ten Years of We, Seven Years of Us
Ten Times I Touchwood, This Is Happiness

Ten Times. Been At It
Tenth Time, Recap It

Ten, You & Me Babe, How About It

Sunday, March 03, 2013

To Grow Up or Not to Grow Up. That is the Question

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"That's just part of growing up" I heard someone say to me the other day. 

As I've started dabbling with this phrase, it’s got me thinking about what does that mean? 

Being responsible for yourself and your family as well as being responsible to your society and the world at large?

Being financially and emotionally independent? Being able to survive and progress through your lifetime?

Being able to tide-over the peaks and troughs, the joys and sorrows, the heartfelt and the heartbreaks and still keep going, growing stronger and dare I say "mature".

For a moment, let’s query it from thought of what ‘growing up’ is not. To think we don't have an opposite to the invented word 'grown up' is telling. Is the opposite of growing up, being a child ? 

Not following the 'conditioned' brain on what we should be doing but doing what your 'intuitive' heart feels like? 

Looking at every day with a sense of infinite possibilities rather than making every day like the previous one (because thats how it works)? 

Doing not only the right things, but the left things and the zig-zag things too? Looking at the world and the things in it with a naive sense of wonderment and not only as resources? 

Being a hopeless romantic despite all the failed love?  Being a dreamer, despite many unrealized fantasies. Being a believer even after the many cynical disappointments to your faith?

So, do I want to be a grown up or not one? Do I even have to choose? Can I be both?

Let’s try to figure this out, shall we?

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Light Through the Window

I lie in bed late at night

All bedroom lights switched off

But somehow it is still bright

‘Tis the light through the window

The light that stayed up all night

As a child, I wondered how

It gave me safety in bed tucked tight

‘Twas the light through the window

Windows left open, to cool the room

Of a modest house, with no AC flow

It was part of the house, was part of the room

‘Twas the light through the window

Students on the street with dreams

That their houses were too small for

Were enlightened under the very beam

Of the light through the window

Through dark times of the struggling years

Of an entire middle class millieu

It was our companion, it gave us hope

‘Twas the light through the window

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

When did it change

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Since when did I stop caring about what other people think of me...
Since when did I start feeling distant from a crowd of a new exciting
fun group... Since when did I start craving for the comfort of the
familiar over the seduction of unknown possibilities...Since when did
I stop trying to fit in... Since when did I stop trying too hard to
make new friends...

Since when did slowing down seem like a better idea than speeding to
catch up... Since when did I start getting tired...

Since when did I stop believing in things that I always knew would
never come true... Since when did I stop looking forward to Mondays...
Since when did inspiration become scarce... Since when did inspiring
people become even scarcer...

Since when did life start changing.. Since when did I start
changing... Since when did the world start changing...

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Saturday, March 07, 2009


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Those special moments when you feel blessed... when you feel loved... when you feel grateful...
Grateful for all those people in your life who love you... grateful that you have quite a few people who actually really love you... quite a few people who feel happy for your happiness... quite a few people who you can share your happiness with...

Those special moments when you feel happy and in LOVE... in love with those special people, in love with life...

Those special moments when you feel why you thought about hate at all, when you feel no amount of hate can affect you... Moments when all you want to do is say 'Thankyou'

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


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Hate... possibly as strong an emotion as Love and many times, feels like the stronger of the two. It seems man was BUILT to hate even before he LEARNT to love. Hate comes to us more naturally and spontaneously than love. We are more likely to not-like someone we meet for the first time than liking them. Why is that? We judge and write off people even before getting to know them.

And therein lies the reason why hate comes more naturally to us than love. It's easy to hate. Loving someone requires spending time and (emotional) energy in trying to know them. But, that's too much effort. And who has the time, really!

And so, it continues...'guilty till proven innocent' (and if you're lucky) is the default mode we operate in.

Come to think of it, just as well. We need hate in our lives to know love. How would we know who we love, if we couldn't compare it to who we hate. We need to be able to hate some people to love others. The haves and the have-nots. We need war to appreciate peace, we need the devil to believe in god, we need hell to believe in heaven, we need hate to believe in love.

Our need for hate is so deep that we have developed careful and detailed thumb rules to make hating easy and quick. Sample a few...

Rule#1.. Hate the new person and anyone who sides with the new person & Love the familiar & the people we've known forever, a.k.a the 'evil' daughter-in-law

Rule#2.. Hate change, even if it means progress or is good & Love conventions, a.k.a the 'outsider' who wants to live by his rules, even if they don't match the society norms

Rule#3.. Hate the neighbours & people living outside your house & Love people living with you, a.k.a India-Pak, my next-door neighbour, the extended family

Rule#4.. Love people like you, who agree with you, who follow you & Hate everyone else

And I'm still discovering new rules everyday. More as I experience them.

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Monday, April 07, 2008

An explorer's history?

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History, by definition, has a time and space element to it... And lots of time at a particular space, at that. In other words, to have a history, means to have spent a considerable amount of time in a certain place.

An explorer, again by definition, is someone who keeps moving on... in search of his destiny, in search for himself, for the love of the journey and for the love of discovery.

Now, if an explorer doesn't spend enough time in one place, can he have a history? Can he call anything familiar? Can he refer to any place as home? Can he call anyone family? Can he call anyone friends?

If he doesn't share history with anyone or anything, where does he get his sense of being? His sense of belonging? His past? His roots? His comfort factor? His values?
And since identity is rooted in the past, where does he get his sense of identity?

And if he doesn't have the past to rely on, does he rely on the future? Is it that for those who can't depend on history for their roots, the future provides the answer? Is it the unknown that provides the comfort, more than the known? Is it that the possibilities of the future gives him his sense of being? Is his sense of purpose of the future, his sense of identity?

Is his purpose, then, his identity?

Having the future as an anchor can be unsettling, but perhaps it is also liberating. It is this conflict, that possibly defines the life of an explorer. And writing history everyday as he moves into his future, is his destiny.

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